CusMiBio seeks to increase the participation of students in biological research and to encourage them to prepare for careers in research in the broad spectrum of the biological sciences from medicine, to biotechnology, ecology and bioinformatics.

To this end CusMiBio organizes an International Summer School through which students receive training and research experience in a university setting.

The students admitted will receive a week intensive hands-on experiments and seminars at the CusMiBio laboratories on the University of Milan campus.
Lab activities will be supervised by scientists of Milan University, post-doc tutors and CusMiBio teaching staff. Seminars will be given by University faculty members or affiliated research organizations active in the fields of Biotechnology and Biomedicine.
At the end participants will have gained a broad up-to-date and experimental overview of nowadays biological research and they could be inspired and encouraged to take an interest in research and to consider careers in bioscience and technology.

Period: coming soon
Application deadline: 2013, April 15
Criteria for admission: Students age: 17 to 20 years.
All activities will be in English: English proficiency is an indispensable prerequisite.

Applicants must submit the following documents by email to, (object: SummerSchool2013):

• a completed application form
• supporting materials (CV in EU format, a letter of presentation of their science teacher and a personal letter stating their motivation and interest in the program),
• In case of admission, receipt of payment made to: Università degli Studi di Milano - CUSMIBIO, Intesa SAN PAOLO, IBAN IT97G0306909400000000463971;
SWIFT code BCITIT33100

We will review all eligibile applications and select 20 students. Selection results will be notified shortly after the deadline.

Fees include:
• accommodation (B&B) from July 1 to July 5 (4 nights) at an off-campus facility.
• breakfast and lunch tickets for the duration of the school (5 days).
• Social and cultural events from the calendar of educational and recreational activities sponsored by the Milan City Council

Fees do not include:
travel expenses
city transports expenses.

Participants must have a traveller's medical insurance for the duration of travel (Schools may provide it) and a letter of exemption of liability (if under 18) written from one of their parents (or person in charge).

Definitive date and fees will be published soon

Preliminary Program Activities:
8 experimental activities among those run in the Try the Bioloab project ( Students in small groups, under the supervision of a lead teacher and of young tutors perform hands on activities in some hot topics of genetics and biotechnology in a fully equipped University laboratory.
2 seminars given by Faculty Members
2 visits to labs or facilities equipped with large and sophisticated research instruments (confocal microscopy, X-Ray cristallography, Botanical garden).
A concluding seminar moderated by a Faculty member in which participants (groups of 5) will present one of the program activity, and discuss it in the frame of state of the art research and future perspectives/applications. Some time in the program will be devoted to the preparation of the seminar; internet access will be provided.
Social & cultural program.