Major initiatives directed towards High School Teachers

High School Teachers attend education groups that meet regularly under the supervision of university professors and provide them with constant scientific and cultural updating (so far, more than 300 High School Teachers have taken part in these initiatives). The practical products of these education groups are handbooks and “tools and tips” that can be used by the teachers during their work at school and the development of laboratory activities that will be offered to the students.
Here is a list of the workgroups planned for the current year, with relative seminars on the four topics:
• Use of antibodies and ELISA test in various fields of applications, prof. Antonio Siccardi
• SNPs identification by restriction enzymes, prof. Giovanna Viale
• Triplet repeat expansion disorders , prof. Chiara Zuccato
• Sequencing techniques used to reveal genetic disorders, prof. David Horner

E-learning activities

A web space called Bioteach: tools and tips for biology teachers has been created, where didactic material is published (in Italian and English). Registration is free and all materials are downloadable; in this e-learning platform there are two modules dedicated to bioinformatics and its use for teaching Bioscience with new technologies.